Duże sprawy w małych głowach


„Duże sprawy w małych głowach” is a book about disabilities seen through kids’ eyes. It’s a collection of stories about daily struggles of small heroes, who have to deal with various disabilities. It is about their joys, sorrows and about the stereotypes they face.

This book, breaking the taboo in a unique way, helps to understand how the surrounding world feels and how it is seen through the eyes of a disabled person.

Agnieszka Kossowska – the author of the book, who is also a mother of a disabled son, decided to invite independent artists to provide illustrations for the project. Given the subject and its complexity, this was a very hard, but grateful task.

I have edited and illustrated the last chapter of the book, dedicated to prematurity and epilepsy.

This book has been awarded with Mądra Książka Roku 2018 – Nagroda Internautów i Czytelników Gazety Wyborczej dla książki Agnieszki Kossowskiej „Duże sprawy w małych głowach”